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Andrew Bird - The Fake Headlines (The New Pornographers) by yellowbirdproject http://ift.tt/1psv31q

Cash Cash - Overtime by Cash Cash http://ift.tt/VEdr65

Ciley Myrus - Brecking Wall (D.J Detweiler Remix) [FREE DL in description] by D.J. Detweiler http://ift.tt/1crmcti

Hahahrawrrahaha by FLIPSH0T http://ift.tt/1chEjF6

Best Of Bootie 2013 (Full Mix) by Bootie Mashup http://ift.tt/1c3Ywa7

New Recording 68 by zekejmiller http://ift.tt/1bv9OUG

Jim Wilson - “God’s Chorus of Crickets”

Tom Waits (on Jim Wilson): “Wilson, he’s always playing with time. I heard a recording recently of crickets slowed way down. It sounds like a choir, it sounds like angel music. Something sparkling, celestial with full harmony and bass parts – you wouldn’t…

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Jim Wilson | God’s Chorus of Crickets | crickets audio recording slowed way down by acornavi http://ift.tt/1fnzaet

A Drop So Mind-Blowing Your Speaking Abilty Wil Sddnly Dtrrate Wtht Wrn by Best Drops Ever http://ift.tt/1dvMk5h

The Escape - “Moment Lost” - Inspired by Blade Runner by AnalogSweden http://ift.tt/HKxjBF

Mr. Bill - The Things That Inspire Me by Mr Bill http://ift.tt/1hksik0

Tu Vuò Fà L’Americano by Trio Manouche http://ift.tt/16eBwUA

Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World (RAC Mix) by RAC http://ift.tt/19JdKAp

Get Gerudo (Get Lucky by Daft Punk x Gerudo Valley) by Greg_Wood http://bit.ly/10JWon8

Birdemic: LIVE! by How Did This Get Made? http://bit.ly/17s0p3X

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